More on the libertarian diet and work lunches

Kim du Toit’s Daily Rant makes a lot of sense to me. The Englishman reminds my American Readers just why it is unwise to confront Brits in their place of business after lunch: “My dear boy – in England some of us still have a drink or two at lunch even on a working day. […]

So fish is good for you…again…

So, apparently it’s ok to eat fish again. Thank goodness. Mahi mahi in Lemon Pepper Mustard Sauce. Mmmmmm…. Most people should eat more fish because of its health benefits, the U.S. Institute of Medicine reported on Tuesday, but added that consumers must also consider the risks of chemically contaminated seafood. Silly me, I never really […]

Blair’s Death Rain® Buffalo Wing Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Hot Sauce Blog reviews Blair’s Death Rain® Buffalo Wing Kettle Cooked Potato Chips The nutrition facts on the back state the 2 oz. serving has 280 calories with 160 of those from fat. The calories from fat are high; so these shouldn’t be your diet snack. They have “natural chicken flavor”. “Meat, fat, salt, hot […]

Serious about bacon

Interesting discovery Not just a blog, it’s a domain. None of that silly blogspot or typepad nonsense for these folks. no, they are serious about their bacon. $7.95 and a trip to Godaddy serious. Mmmmmm…..bacon. is dedicated to bringing the wonders of bacon to the world. We are a group of bacon/pork enthusiasts, […]

Queer Beer Ananova is reporting that a group of gay Swiss businessmen are going to market a beer to gay men and women. As B.A. said, this is truly life imitating Saturday Night Live’s “Schmitt’s Gayâ€? sketch. I wonder if Marginal Revolution will cover this under “Markets in Everything.” Sidenote: A blog about beer. That’s great. […]