Extreme Extraordinary Rendition

Here’s a thought I had about the CIA practice of rendition and the latest hostage in Iraq Douglas Wood. Let’s offer a 2-for-1 swap. Michelle and Harrel Johnson, the “parents” who beheaded their own baby girl in Kansas City, for Douglas Wood. And if the terrorists won’t go for that, let’s just hand them over anyway.

No, I’m not kidding.

Retire Byrd

Hiram Lewis for US Senate

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Just Neo

I was browsing around Wikipedia and stumbled across an article on neoliberalism, which it relates to “Thatcherism”, the work of Milton Friedman, Austrian economics and free markets generally.

Of course, lately, in spite of my non-jewishness I’ve on occasion been lumped in with something called neoconservatism which apparently involves supporting a strong military, believing that spreading the American ideal of freedom is a good thing and a neo-Platonic communitarianism espoused by Leo Strauss. (Straussians forgive me if I misrepresent your vision.)

And I’ve joined a neolibertarian network recently, which is dedicated to increasing liberty even if only incrementally and also is rooted in an understanding that a strong national defense is important to the defense of liberty. Libertarians have been around long enough to need neo-libertarians? Who knew?

So, I’ve come to a conclusion. It’s all a sign.

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Market analyst admits – this market’s not rational

RPT – Supply data drive crude oil to close below 49 usd – Forbes.com
said Kyle Cooper, energy analyst at Citigroup, in a note to clients. ‘We don’t see a fundamental reason for that. But fear of what could happen, as opposed to the realities of what is truly happening continues to dominate market psychology.’

This is what’s called a phobia. What the oil market needs is a different kind of analyst.

More on oil on my site Financial Options including The Secret Way to Play Oil.

Google Adsense “censorship” Update

This ad from RightMarchPac.com appeared on my website today:

Want Better Than Pelosi
Help Conservatives Stand Up To Nancy Pelosi – Donate Today!

This is the outfit that emailed me on the 3rd complaining that Google was “censoring” them. I have yet to receive an email update/correction. Regardless, Google doesn’t appear to be “censoring” them. (Not that it’s even possible for Google, a private enterprise, to do so.)

Free gift that can make someone’s day

In case you’re not familiar with him (her?), check out the Complimenting Commenter:

The Complimenting Commenter: Give the gift of a compliment.
When you give a compliment you make people smile. So go out and compliment someone today.

I’ll make the challenge even better – find someone you disagree with who has written a well written, well reasoned post and compliment them. Less pies in Ann Coulter’s face and more rational argument.

Theocracy is coming!

Those Christians are at it again, trying to pull one over on us and turn the USA into a theocracy. This is horrible. People letting their faith influence their politics.

San Bernardino County Sun – News reports

“We are appalled that Governor Schwarzenegger, who as our state’s chief magistrate is pledged to maintain the rule of law, has chosen instead to praise a group of vigilantes who operate outside the law, saying they’ve done a terrific job in patrolling the border with Mexico,’ the California Council of Churches and Pomona-based Progressive Christians Uniting wrote in a strongly worded letter to the governor.

(FWIW, I think Ahnuld the Austrian went overboard with his ‘seal the border’ crap, but the Minutemen weren’t “vigilantes” any more than any Neighborhood Watch. There wasn’t a single case of them acting as vigilantes. OTOH, the idea of vigilantism, that citizens band together for protection when police aren’t immediately available, isn’t bad in itself, it’s just easily abused.)

Heard about this briefly on Rush Limbaugh’s show.

Beyond Red & Blue: Where do you fit?

NPR’s All Things Considered had a report on the Pew Research Center’s “political topography” research.

Political observers divided America into red and blue states for the 2004 election. But a new study fine-tunes political groups into more specific categories, including “pro-government conservatives,” “disadvantaged Democrats” and “bystanders.”

You can find out where you fit at by taking their quiz.

Turns out I’m an “Enterpriser.” This was not a shock. Here’s the description:

Assertive on foreign policy and patriotic; anti-regulation and pro-business; very little support for government help to the poor; strong belief that individuals are responsible for their own well being. Conservative on social issues such as gay marriage, but not much more religious than the nation as a whole. Very satisfied with personal financial situation.

I’d quibble with a couple of points there, but overall it’s where I expected the know-nothing liberals who never heard the word “libertarian” or the phrase “classical liberal” to place me.

Enterprisers are the only group that a majority opposed this idea “The U.S. government guaranteeing health insurance for all citizens, even if it means raising taxes…”

Another interesting item, Social Conservatives are split 45 to 40 on this question “All in all, which is more important, conducting stem cell research that might result in new medical cures or not destroying the potential life of human embryos?”

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